In the context of crypto currencies and blockchain, mining is what makes the world go around.
We are creating a one of a kind crypto-mining token that will allow anyone in the world to benefit from the mining revolution.


Participate in the Mining Revolution //

Join the Crypto Mining Revolution in just 3 easy steps

You can benefit from our Award-Winning Pro-Active Mining Solution starting right now.
Please download, print, sign and upload the Participation Contract in the following steps:

Step 1

Download Participation Contract

Step 2

Print out the Form, fill in your details

Please read the contract and understand it fully. If you need any assistance or have questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us via the contract form below.

Sign and scan the contract and upload it as a PDF in the 3rd and final step

Step 3

Upload the signed Contract


‘Best ICO Project of the Year’

“We’re ecstatic to announce that we’ve won the award for “Best ICO Project” at the Cryptocurrency World Expo in Warsaw last week! Voted for by over 1700 delegates and event participants, we’re blown away with the amazing feedback from the community – we’re very grateful for the support and the given opportunity to present Unity Investment on stage! Thank you all so much!”

Sean Prescott 
Founder & CEO

Who is Unity //

The largest Crypto-Mining Investment Firm in Switzerland.

Making decentralized crypto-mining open, accessible, and profitable to the world.

Unity Investment AG was founded in late 2017 by a team of established businessmen, cyber security specialists, financial sector experts and crypto currency miners.

Unity, based in canton Schwyz, Switzerland, is an IT services company with the expertise in delivering high-performance crypto-mining infrastructures and solutions to customers and clients. Unity completely takes care of the maintenance of the hardware and software infrastructure for the generation of cryptographic currencies based on blockchain technology.

Unity will hold an Initial Coin Offering (ICO) later this year, with our Pro-Active Mining Service launching in throughout September – October 2018, to create a one of a kind opportunity for virtually anyone to participate in the mining movement.

You can benefit from our Pro-Active Mining Service Pre-Sale today!

The later issued UNY-Token will be based on the widely recognized and accepted ERC20 standard, and will provide direct weekly Rewards in other crypto currencies of choice (for instance, Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, Litecoin, etc.).

Everyone is Welcome

Unity creates a truly democratized crypto-mining experience out of Switzerland, so anyone can benefit from our stable infrastructure (politically, technologically and economically), no matter their location, technical skillset or financial means.

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True Transparency

It is of most importance to unity to give our customers the most profitable mining experience possible, in combination with absolute transparency and competence. Users gain access to our custom dashboard showing exactly what the miners are working on in real-time.

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Pro-Active Mining made in Switzerland //

Our Pro-Active Mining Technology Makes it Work

Our Pro-Active Mining Algorithm scans the crypto-market
and several block-chains to find the most profitable crypto-currency to mine.

Unity uses a proprietary algorithm that scans the crypto-market and several blockchains for the most profitable coin to mine based on their current market value, volume, performance and mining difficulty. The algorithm controls all of Unity’s mining machines and re-configures them every minute, if necessary, to ensure the most profitable mining experience is achieved.

It is of most importance to unity to give our customers the most profitable mining experience possible, in combination with absolute transparency and competence. Users gain access to our custom dashboard showing exactly what the miners are working on in real-time.

Located in Switzerland with Legal and Regulatory Safety and electrical Infrastructure stability. Low power costs and virtually zero Taxes.


Rewards per Week

The Pro-Active Mining customers will receive Crypto-Rewards paid out to their wallet of choice. With Unity, Friday is Payday.

Expected ROI/Year

The ROI of crypto mining, especially as a steady income-stream, makes our service very attractive as a passive-income product.

Reward Currencies

Rewards are paid out on a weekly basis to the user’s wallet and currency of choice (BTC, BCH, LTC, ETH) or via bank transfer in CHF, EUR or USD.

Swiss Solution

Strong and strict regulatory guidelines in Switzerland ensure the best protection for investors and Pro-Active Mining participants.
Token Sale

Participation Contract, Pre-Sale & Values

We’re excited to announce that you can already benefit from our Pro-Active Mining Experience with a participation contract.

In the near future, UNY-Tokens will be open for Pre-Sale – the final details will be available in our Whitepaper. Please feel free to contact us for details on the participation contract or to schedule a personal meeting at our headquarters in Switzerland. We’re happy to give you a full tour of our large-scale mining operations.

  • Symbol


  • Total Supply

    Based on Capital Raised - Goal: 25'000'000 UNY

  • Initial Offering Price

    CHF 1.00 = 1 UNY-Token (≈ USD 1.00)

UNITY Has a proven track record of competence and performance in running highly-profitable mining operations in Switzerland. The funds raised by the ICO will be invested intelligently in to hardware, infrastructure and personnel on all business streams, further strengthening our position in the crypto-space and market.

The ICO is expected to raise more than CHF 50 Mio during the Pre-Sale. These Funds are then converted to mining infrastructure. The UNY-Token allows for anyone in the world to participate in the mining revolution. Any and every token-holder will be rewarded by the mined crypto currencies on a weekly basis (paid out in BTC, BCH, LTC, ETH or FIAT via bank transfer)



750’000 tokens

Private Pre-Sale

2’500’000 tokens

Public Pre-Sale / ICO

21’750’000 tokens

Bounty / Referral Bonus

1’750’000 tokens

Pre-Sale Bonus

7’500’000 tokens

Public Distribution

21’250’000 tokens
  • Soft Cap


  • Hard Cap


  • Accepted Currencies


Token Sale
Unity Roadmap //

Unity Lineage & Timeline

This is our Roadmap for 2018.

December 2017

Unity Investment AG, Founded

Build Customer-Centric Public Crypto Currency Mine

January 2018

Onboarding on first Customers

First contracts with customers are signed. Mining Facility gets a power-upgrade.

March 2018

Reached over $1Mio in Private Pre-Sales

First contracts with customers are signed, customer's mining machines are installed.

June 2018

Reached over $2Mio in Private Pre-Sales

Second Mining Center Infrastructure planing and installation begins in Switzerland.

July 2018

Strategic Partnerships Aquired

Contracts with technical Partners and financial Institutions are signed to guarantee ICO success.

August 2018

Start-Public Participation Phase

Early Participants receive a Bonus of at least 20%. Contact us, we'll be happy to give you a tour of Unity and our mining facilities.

September 2018

Launch of our new UniCrypt Platform

Our new UniCrypt Platform will allow users to easily track their investments, hashrate, and reward payouts. We're excited to show the world what we've created!

October 2018

Start building next Mining-Infrastructure

With the raised funds, Unity will purchase the most profitable crypto-miners available on the market. A new location in Switzerland will be used to host these machines.

November 2018

UNY-Tokens Final Draft Complete

The Whitepaper of our upcoming ICO is completed in draft form and reviewed by the Swiss Financial Market Supervisory Authority, FINMA.

Mid-November 2018

UNY-Token Classification Completed

Once the UNY-Token is approved by FINMA, the Pre-ICO phase begins.
We welcome everyone to register for our Newsletter to keep up to date with our latest progress.

Januar 2019

Start ICO Phase


UNITY Founding Partners & Team Members

UNITY has assembled a world class entrepreneurs, engineering, strategic and design team with over 100 years of collective experience from Switzerland.

Unity further employs more than a dozen external specialists, crypto-ambassadors and sales representatives.


Sean Prescott

Founder & CEO


Alex Fancelli

Senior Partner & CFO


Chris Smit

Chairman of the Board


Veronika Prescott

Member of the Executive Board


Michelle Tarnutzer

Junior Project Manager


Richard Kobler

Senior Program Manager


Amin Abundhoo

Technical Consultant


Saulo Mendes

Sales Consultant


Partnered with Innovative Leaders Globally

And we’re just getting started.


Frequently Asked Questions

What is Unity's Mission and Vision?

We want to make the crypto-currency mining truly open, accessible, and profitable for anyone in the world. It’s our mission to decentralize mining and allow anyone to profitably be a part of the crypto-mining revolution, no matter their heritage, technical skills, age or financial background.

Which cryptocurrencies will be accepted in the token launch?

During the public ICO Token Sale, we’ll accept the following Crypto-Currencies:

  • Bitcoin (BTC)
  • Ethereum (ETH)
  • Bitcoin Cash (BCH)
  • Litecoin (LTC)

Fiat Currencies (CHF, EUR and USD) are accepted during the Pre-Sale Phase as a Wire-Transfer.

Can I mine UNY-Tokens?

No, the total supply of UNY tokens is fixed and there is no continuous issuance model.

The raised capital is invested in to mining hardware, and as a UNY-Token holder, you will receive that mined crypto as a reward, weekly.

Which Crypto Currencies are rewarded to UNY-Token holders?

UNY-Token holders will receive the crypto that has been mined by our mining operations.

While Unity mines different coins based on their profitability, we allow users to choose from a list of coins that they wish to have transferred to their own crypto wallet each week or transferred to their bank account in FIAT.

The “Payout Currencies” of choice are the following:

  • Bitcoin (BTC)
  • Ethereum (ETH)
  • Bitcoin Cash (BCH)
  • Litecoin (LTC)
  • USD
  • EUR
  • CHF

Users can choose or change a payout currency before each week’s payout.

What is the current Minimum Investment?

Currently, a minimum of CHF 2’500.00 is required to participate in the mining revolution. In the future, this amount will decrease as crypto-payments are enabled and therefore automatically handled – further reducing overhead.

Where is Unity based?

Unity Investment AG (CHE-107.839.524) was founded in Switzerland in late 2017 by a team of established businessmen, cyber security specialists, financial sector experts and crypto currency miners.

Why did Unity choose Switzerland?

Switzerland is a very safe, secure and stable crypto-nation, both in regards to the strict regulations and technical infrastructure. Switzerland has very favourable competitive prices on readily available renewable energy sources.

How can I get involved?

Please join our Telegram chat, follow us on LinkedIn or Facebook.

Why the name UNITY?

UNITY represents being together as a community and executing great ideas together with all the people around the world.

We believe that working together for a common goal brings everyone together in a inclusive and connected way.


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Note: Positive performance in the past is no guarantee of positive performance in the future.
The information in this publication is for informational purposes only and is not an offer, a public listing, or a recommendation to buy or sell crypto currencies and managed units of miners.